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About Mentor Management

Connecting Your Business to the Training Resources You Need

Mentor, a character from Greek mythology, was the valued friend of Odysseus. He served as household counsel and was entrusted with the education and guidance of Odysseus' children. In this spirit, those of us who are part of Mentor Management, inc. (MMi), are committed to provide distinctively high quality training and organizational consulting to our business partners.

Mentor Management, inc. was established in 1980. During the past 30 years, we have achieved significant positive results with both domestic and international clients in a broad range of industries. The professionals who belong to the MMi team combine strong academic backgrounds with practical business experience from the energy, telecommunications, financial, electronics, data communications, and health care arenas. Our key objective is to assist our clients by listening and understanding their needs, and to provide the expertise that will prepare their organizations for long-term success.

Our People

James A. Gwaltney, Ph.D.


Since 1980, Dr. Jim Gwaltney has served as founder and president of Mentor Management, inc. and is the principle author of the Interpersonal Technology™ system. He holds several advanced degrees, including Doctorates in both Theology and Organizational Psychology. In addition, he spent a post-doctoral sabbatical at the Jungian Institute in Switzerland, where he studied and developed his thoughts around what would later become the Interpersonal Technology system.

Dr. Gwaltney has been teaching Interpersonal Technology in seminar form for almost thirty years, and released his book, Interpersonal Technology, in 2011. Prior to establishing Mentor Management, inc., Dr. Gwaltney served in teaching and administrative positions at Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas for eleven years. During that time, he served as instructor in the Institute of Management, Cox School of Business, and was instrumental in the development of an Intern (mentoring) program for the Perkins School of Theology. During this period, he also served on the staff of Timberlawn Psychiatric Hospital, and maintained a limited private practice in counseling and psychotherapy.

At present, Dr. Gwaltney is actively engaged in training other consultants in the Interpersonal Technology System, and incorporating those skills into structured Coaching and Mentoring programs.

Lynda Butcher, Ph.D.

President & CEO

Dr. Butcher, CEO and President of Mentor Management, inc., is a licensed Psychologist in the state of Texas, and has been active in supervision and training of both mental health professionals and corporate personnel over the past twenty years. She received her doctorate in Psychology from Texas Woman’s University in 1990, and began her career in the mental health field serving as Clinical Director of the Psychiatric Crisis Unit for Dallas County, providing supervision and training to mental health professionals across a wide variety of mental health issues.

She has since utilized her expertise in mental health issues to assist those in the corporate arena in understanding and approaching issues in the workplace that require sensitivity to the individual, and skill in personal interactions. Dr. Butcher has provided training in areas such as stress management, communication, anger management, problem-solving and employee development.

Most recently, Dr. Butcher has focused her time in the executive coaching arena, helping organizations establish mentoring relationships that equip the participants with the interpersonal skills they need to both mentor to others, and develop to their full potential both personally and professionally.

T.J. Griffith

Senior Consultant

T. J. Griffith, CEO of T. J. GRIFFITH INTERNATIONAL, is a senior training consultant at Mentor Management, inc., and global management education expert. With over 39 years of experience, T. J. currently teaches a full curriculum of management and leadership skills throughout the world.

Earlier in her career, and for over a decade, executives throughout Australia attended seminars offered by her training and development organization, T J GRIFFITH AUSTRALIA.

She has served as consultant and faculty member to the following top ranking management education organizations, having trained over 100,000 managers and support staff worldwide:

  • Management Centre Europe (Brussels)
  • American Management Association (New York)
  • European Management Forum Foundation (Switzerland)
  • Middle East Management Centre (Brussels)
  • Management Technology Education (Australia)

T. J. served as a regular lecturer on the Australian Public Sector Management Course. In addition to publishing numerous articles, her expertise has been recognized in the Wall Street Journal, and she is a frequent keynote speaker at conferences around the world.

Lisa Gwaltney

VP, Assesment Center & Programs

Leslee Light


In addition to these senior team members, Mentor Management, inc. has a broad-based team of consultants and trainers with the expertise and breadth of experience to meet your organization's specific training and development needs.

If you prefer, we can also train and certify your in-house H.R. professionals to implement the Interpersonal Technology system or mentoring program throughout your organization.

Our Focus


Working together to evaluate organizational effectiveness, identify core competencies, and create strategies for organizational transformation.


Skill development seminars (Supervisory and Management training, Interpersonal Relationships, Sales, Communications)
Developing cutting-edge competencies (High Performance Teams, Advanced Leadership skills, and Strategic Management skills for the learning organization)
Focusing on practical application, cost effectiveness, and results orientation.


Developing a highly individualized process to help executives identify and address areas of needed growth and development. Working directly with each candidate in these areas: identification of key competencies, executive benchmarking, establishment of learning objectives, action learning, measurement, follow-up, and evaluation.


MMI Clients Include:

  • AT&T
  • Syntex Management Systems
  • Compass Bank
  • Ditch Witch
  • Duke Energy
  • Fiber Pad, Inc.
  • Florida Gas Transmission
  • Panhandle Eastern Pipeline
  • PanEnergy
  • Presenture, LLC
  • Southern Union Gas
  • Strasburger & Price, LLP
  • Trunkline Gas Company
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"Interpersonal Technology seminars offer a remarkable opportunity for anyone seeking to improve their communication skills." –Don Law,
CEO, Fiber Pad, Inc.
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"The [IT] system is invaluable to any organization wishing to move its high performers to the next level...
... I participated in a personal development [mentoring] program, and feel this is the single most important aid to my career development. " –Mark Kiner,
VP of Operations, Ditch Witch
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"We have found [Interpersonal Technology] to be a very valuable resource in helping us evaluate new-hire candidates, team building, and coaching." –Michael O. Maher,
President, Presenture, L.L.C.
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Dr. Gwaltney's Interpersonal Technology method so profoundly affected these executives that they recently began to deliver the program to their direct reports and their staffs. ...
I honestly believe this method can be not only career changing, but life changing, as the concepts and skills are transferable to all interpersonal interactions... –Bob Keyser, Manager,
Training & Development,
Southern Union Company
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In my opinion, the key to our culture was the Interpersonal Technology program...
...after seeing it firsthand it's hard to imagine running a company or leading a team without the application of the Interpersonal Technology program.–Joe Stough,
Syntex Management Systems, Inc.
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