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Targeting individual client needs and bringing the most dynamic resources available into the venture.

MMI offers coaching programs and courses that utilize the Interpersonal Technology System as a foundation for discussion and development in a variety of areas important to organizational success.

Working with you to meet today's business challenges


Creating strategies that will help the organization capitalize on the knowledge, skills, and experience gained in order to meet future goals.

Client Quotes

Don Law

CEO, Fiber Pad, Inc.

"Interpersonal Technology seminars offer a remarkable opportunity for anyone seeking to improve their communication skills."

Resource Utilization

Working closely with clients to meet objectives and transfer knowledge to them, rather than creating dependence on our consultants.

Future-Focused Strategies

Management Training


At MMi, consulting means first listening to our clients organizational goals, then working together to nurture the desired culture, build competencies, and improve overall effectiveness toward the achievement of those goals.

"The [Interpersonal Technology] system is invaluable to any organization wishing to move its high performers to the next level....

I participated in a personal development [mentoring] program, and feel this is the single most important aid to my career development.

Mentoring and Coaching

Mark Kiner

VP of Operations, Ditch Witch

Our mentoring program is part of a highly individualized process to help executives, managers, and their employees identify and address areas of needed growth and development. We work directly with each candidate in core areas.